Leroy + Delecia

Name | Leroy + Delecia

Date | 01.20.19

Ceremony | Seventh-day Adventist Church | Berea

Wedding Photography | Samuel Maughn

This wedding made me realise that true love does in fact exist.

She was the perfect bride as she sat waiting patiently for him. She demonstrated that tradition could be broken for the one you love.

On that day the rain did not think- even for a second- to deny the sun a chance to smile. The happy couple arrived and was ready to say their ‘I do’s’.

However time made himself known. And so we all waited. Nervousness took hold of me as I watched the time fly. The role of making their fantasy come true rested squarely on my shoulders and I had to make it right with only one click of the button.

The moment finally came. As they looked into each other’s eyes, their love surrounded them. Capturing that moment was like heaven on earth.

The storm neither the rains could stop them. They were fearless in face of all adversity in the world, for they knew that there is where they belonged- with each other.

Like all good things, the ceremony ended. But their love remains timeless. The happiness and love that these two shared brought a smile among the hearts of many… and these images tell that story

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