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Samuel Maughn Photography Studio and the award-winning photojournalist Samuel Maughn document his clients most cherished life moments in a authentic style. Studio founder, Samuel Maughn is a full-time news photographer and leads the photography industry in Guyana with a photojournalism style. His work is featured in publication both local & internationally.

The dedication of Samuel and his team, and their loyalty to photography motivates them to continually innovate and reinvent both the business and their creative approach to the art form. His dedication to the craft has allowed him to receive several awards from local and international organizations. Samuel is a noted Graphic Designer, Computer Technician, Educator and Youth Leader of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, which sets him apart in photography industry.

What our clients need

Today's clients don’t want old-fashioned pictures. They want images that are reflective of their personalities and that are unique to them. Do you feel awkward posing in a stuffy studio loaded with more equipment than an operating room? Well, most of our clients feel the same way based on some of their previous experiences.  At Samuel Maughn Photography, we discard the traditional photo shoot and, instead, take you to gorgeous outdoor locations where you can relax and just be yourself while we create the most amazing portraits you can imagine. We don't forget to bring the fun! 

"I try to push the limits of my clients and that
says a lot about our studio and the overall experience
our clients have with us.” -- S. Maughn

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